Audio Dramas


Mansfield Park

An Audible Original Audiobook

  • Cast: Matt Addis, Lucy Briers, James Corrigan, Scarlett Courtney, Rosalind Eleazar, Jennifer English, Emma Fielding, Ash Hunter, Joel MacCormack, Harry Myers, Esme Scarborough, Lucy Scott, Bert Seymour and Natalie Simpson.
  • Narrated by: Billie Piper
  • Directed by: Tamsin Collison
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly


An audio drama adapted by David Lane and Adrienne Quartly

  • Performed by: The casts of the community and professional stage versions.
  • Produced in association with Beaford and Exeter University’s Drama Department.
  • Writer & Adaptation: David Lane
  • Adaptation & Sound Design: Adrienne Quartly
  • Director: Hannah Price
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