Sound Design Portfolio: 2017-2018


Peter Pan

Damien Tracey Productions, Park Theatre and Julie Clare Productions

  • Writer: The original play by J.M. Barrie
  • Director: Jonathan O’boyle
  • Set And Costume Designer: Gregor Donnelly
  • Lighting Designer: Nic Farman
  • Composer / Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly
Photo: Johan Persson

Queen Margaret

A Royal Exchange Theatre Production

  • By Jeanie O'Hare taken from William Shakespeare. With Jade Anouka
  • Director: Elizabeth Freestone
  • Designer: Amanda Stoodley
  • Lighting Designer: Jo Town
  • Sound Designer & Composer: Adrienne Quartly

The Elephant Man

Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Diverse City

  • Writer: Bernard Pomerance
  • Director: Lee Lyford
  • Designer: Caitlin Abbott
  • Costume Designer: Stavri Papa
  • Lighting Designer: Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn
  • Composer / Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly
Photo: Camilla Greenwell Photography

The Paper Man


  • Created by: Vera Chok, Sophia Clist, Colin Grenfell, Steve Harper, Jess Mabel Jones, Anna-Maria Nabiyre, Steve Tiplady, Lee Simpson & Adrienne Quartly
  • Performed by: Vera Chok, Jess Mable-Jones, Anna Maria Nabiyre, Lee Simpson & Adrienne Quartly

Black Men Walking

Eclipse Theatre, Royal Exchange Manchester

  • Writer and Musical Director: Testament
  • Director: Dawn Walton
  • Designer: Simon Kenny
  • Lighting: Lee Curran
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly
  • Movement: Steve Medlin
  • The Stage★★★★★
  • Whats On Stage★★★★
  • The Guardian★★★★
  • The Independent★★★★

Napoleon Disrobed

Told by an Idiot/Theatre Royal Plymouth and Arcola Production

  • Starring: Paul Hunter and Ayeesha Antoine
  • Director: kathryn Hunter
  • Designer: Michael Vale
  • Lighting Designer: Aideen Malone
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly


Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg & Queen's Theatre Hornchurch production

  • Writer: Diane Samuels
  • Director: Anne Simon
  • Designer: Marie-Luce Theis
  • Lighting Designer: Nic Farman
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly

31 hours

Bunker theatre

  • Writer: Kieron Knowles
  • Director: Abigail Graham
  • Designer: Andrew D edwards
  • Lighting: Sally Ferguson
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly


HighTide Festival

  • Writer: Nessah Muthy
  • Director: Steven Atkinson
  • Designer: Richard Kent
  • Lighting Designer: Elliot Griggs
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly

Get Happy

Told by an idiot, Beijing comedy festival

  • Director: Paul Hunter
  • Designer: Sophia Clist
  • Lighting Designer: Tom Snell
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly

Opening Skinner's Box

Improbable at the Lincoln Centre Festival, New York City

  • Directed by: Phelim McDermott and Lee Simpson
  • Designer: Laura Hopkins
  • Lighting Designer: Nigel Edwards
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly
  • The Times★★★★

From the Ground Up

Almeida @ Assembly, Edinburgh Fringe

  • Writer: Joeri Smet
  • Director: Christopher Elmer-Gorry
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly

The Crucible

Sell a Door Theatre Company/Queens Theatre Hornchurch, in assoc. with Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

  • Starring: Victoria Yates/Charlie Condou
  • Director: Doug Rintoul
  • Designer: Anouk Schilitz
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Davey
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly
  • The Stage★★★★
  • Whats On Stage ★★★★


Home Mcr

  • Featuring: Dame Janet Suzman as Rose
  • Writer: Martin Sherman
  • Director: Richard Beecham
  • Designer: Simon Kenny
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Davey
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly

The Here and This And Now

Theatre Royal, Plymouth

  • Writer: Glenn Waldron
  • Director: Simon Stokes
  • Designer: Bob Bailey
  • Lighting Designer: Andy Purves
  • Sound Designer: Adrienne Quartly